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Take a trip with the Tips we have from the various sections of living just for you...


1Always fold a garment across than lengthwise and put on a hanger. The creases are easier to remove this way.

2Stained your clothes when you cut your finger? Wash the fabric in cold running water as soon as you can. Using warm water will make the stain more stubborn and difficult to remove.

3Chilled candles burn longer. They burn slowly and drip less.

4Wanna dislodge chewing gum off shoes and fabrics or even hair? Rub the area with an ice cube. The gum will come off.

5Place camphor with your silverware to prevent it from tarnishing easily.

6Milk makes an excellent cleanser for marble artefacts.


1To skin almonds quickly, boil them for a few minutes, drain the water and quickly plunge them in cold water. The skin will slide away.

2Wanna present your cheese a little differently at the dinner table? Use a potato peeler to slice off a strip and fold into attractive shapes.

3To ripen fruits and vegetables, place them in a brown paper bag and store them in a dark place.

4Coffee powder and beans retain their flavour longer if stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator.

5If a freshly baked cake is cracked on top, soak a clean kitchen napkin in warm water and place over the cake. This will bring the edges together.

6Wash your crockery with baking soda for sparkling results.


1For an instant relief from a bad cold, drink a glass of warm milk to which a teaspoon of turmeric has been added. It gives you relief from the symptoms.

2Egg whites dabbed on minor burns will prevent blistering. Of course seek professional help for anything excessive.

3To cut down on your salt intake, sprinkle salt after the food is cooked.

4Putting a little sugar on your tongue and swallowing it slowly is said to cure hiccups. Try it. You have nothing to lose.

5To get relief from cough, add 3 teaspoons of lime juice, one teaspoon of honey and juice of half an inch piece of ginger to a cup of warm water. Drink this 2-3 times a day.

6Suffer from motion sickness- try these hints- don’t read, don’t eat heavy meals before your trip, don’t twist your neck, choose a seat so that the moving horizon is visible to you, get fresh air and take your prescribed medicines for the condition unless you are driving! Wish you a great trip!!


1Lemon rind makes an excellent cleanser. Use it to clean finger and toe nails during a manicure-pedicure. See cleaner and sparkling nails after. Surprised?

2Looking for some natural hair conditioning? Crushed spinach leaves make an excellent hair conditioner.

3Mix in fresh cream and sugar to make an excellent body scrub. Rub all over and wash off to enjoy the difference.

4Add a few crushed aspirins in your manicure and pedicure dip. It removed dead skins even better.

5To remove a tan, mix in equal quantities of olive oil and vinegar and apply on the affected area 15 minutes before having a bath and wash away.

6Tired feet? Wanna relax?? Try this feet dip - Warm water to which salt has been added. Sure to make you feel better.

Mixed Bag

1Trends come and go at the bat of an eyelid. Here today, gone tomorrow! But be wise enough to preserve what can - be of jewellery, accessories and any other fashion fads that you invested in. If you are unable to use it in a couple of years, your daughter or a niece or a godchild will surely be able to!

2Leave copies of your passport and travel documents and itinerary with friends before you leave, so that you have the information in case of an emergency

3To check a baby’s throat, use a lollipop as a tongue depressant. Chances of protest against the act will be much lesser.

4Place a safety pin in the seam of your slacks or pants to do away with static.

5While hammering a nail, hold it between the teeth of a fork. That way you are sure of not injuring your fingers with the hammer.

6On any journey make sure to take along a small batch of medicines for common ailments along with the ones you take regularly. To be prepared is half the battle won they say!

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