Peep at Addictions

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Get addicted with our weird, funny & true paradox of life, events & things.


Incredible Facts

A fact is a fact. Make it incredible with a thirst to find the unknown in them.


Didn’t know about the many strange ways that fear can stalk us? Look here and find some unusual things and events that cause phobias. Most need more than reassurance to cure these persistent fears. Our list here just helps you be aware of them.


Inventions make the world complete. At Eureka join us to find the Who, When and What.

Tricky Tricks

Life’s not merry without some bluff and hoodwink. Hocus-pocus!!! Enjoy some fun!!

Curious Customs

Habits, manners, routines and rules have always differed from here to there. What’s typical for one culture is unusual for another. Read about traditions and observances from around the world in Curious Customs.


Read our jokes and laugh out loud to lighten the moment and leave your worries behind.

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