Recipe: Love Pudding

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  • Love Pudding


    Recipe - Ingredients
    • 1 Package of creamy desire
    • 1 Can of Sweetened Appreciation & Acceptance
    • 5 Ounce instant Connection
    • 3 Cups Intimidation
    • 1 tsp. of Excitement
    • 1 Container Frozen whipped Belonging & Interest for topping
    • 4 Parts of care sliced well
    • 1/2 Package of Affection
  • Method to prepare:

    Recipe - Method
    • In a large bowl beat the creamy desire until fluffy.
    • Beat in next the sweetened Appreciation & Acceptance, Instant connection & the 5 cups of Intimidation.
    • Fold 1/2 of belonging & Interest Topping.
    • Line the bottom of a 9 * 13 inch dish with Affection.
    • Arrange the sliced portions of Care evenly over affection.
    • Spread the mixture of Love & top it with the remains of belonging & interest.
    • Chill as long as you love to & treat yourself to the irresistible love pudding with lots of Love.
  • Note:

    The pudding of Love has to be made with a pure heart & an able mind. Pay attention to the method of preparation as the ingredients survive at the hands of the maker. Make sure you have an absolute want to make this love pudding.

    Love pudding isn't suitable to those who are negative & unwilling to experiment. It's also not savored by those who are selfish & closed. While you make it don't forget to add those tiny clusters of happiness & luck to make it perfect to stare & taste...

    Recipe - Note

    Find love with The Love Pudding & treat your taste buds to a fare like never before!!

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