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Didn’t know about the many strange ways that fear can stalk us? Look here and find some unusual things and events that cause phobias. Most need more than reassurance to cure these persistent fears. Our list here just helps you be aware of them.


  • Angrophobia: Fear of anger or getting angry

    This is the overwhelming and irrational fear of anger or getting angry. This may be associated with a real life trauma the person experienced some time in life. Some negative consequence of anger like physical abuse suffered in childhood, being punished for displaying anger or violence escalating from anger may have left a deep mark on the sufferers. These people may fear that their anger may hurt the feelings of others. Some people may completely withdraw social contact with others and they may experience extreme anxiety and emotional turmoil which disrupts their ability to function.

  • Octophorbia: Fear of number 8

    This is a common phobia and it may be based on superstition or feeling of impending danger from the number. It could be brought on by watching a skater negotiate a figure of eight or even by watching motor car race tracks in this shape. This brings on a feeling of doom by the continuity of the action and its repetitive routine with a feeling of no escape. Sufferers may also have other symptoms of anxiety. Though to others the fear may seem illogical, for the phobic, the fear is real.

  • Koumpounophorbia: Fear of buttons

    This affects people of all ages and is more common than we think. People affected are disgusted with the sight of buttons and may wash the skin after contact with buttons. They do not like the smell, touch or even the sound of the word. Fear can also extend to objects of similar shape like small discs, sequins and small coins. Plastic buttons are feared more than metal ones by some people. These people may choose not to wear clothes with buttons on them. In some people the sight of buttons may even induce vomiting. This irrational fear maybe brought on by a traumatic childhood experience.

  • Dextrophorbia: Fear of objects at the right side of the body

    This term comes from the Latin word Dextro meaning right. Like all phobias this too is a combination of some event which triggered the fear and heredity or genetics. What a person with this condition experiences varies with the level of fear. Feeling of dread, overwhelming fear and rapid heartbeat are a few manifestations. Some take extreme avoidance measures. The fear persists in spite of conscious understanding by the individual and reassurance from others.

  • Coulrophobia: Fear of clowns

    This is a specific phobia dating back as recently as the 1980s. The word coulro means stilt walker in Greek. Children universally dislike clowns. A study by the University of Sheffield has shown that children found clown faces to be frightening. This fear in many is so intense that even a picture of a clown can incite a panic attack. This phobia is said to be on the increase as the portrayal of clowns have changed in popular culture where they are portrayed as supernatural, evil, wicked and scary. The makeup and exaggerated features of the clown may also add up to the fear. These exaggerated features may make it impossible to gauge the clown’s real emotions which may be the cause of fear. This phobia does not cause interference in normal life.


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