Myth or fact

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Filter the bunch of Myths from the facts. Its a lot of fun.

  • Question 1

    ABen Hur received 11 Oscars in 1959

    BJulius Caesar banned all wheeled vehicles in Rome
    due to traffic congestion

    CHumans are the only animals that can get

    DTashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan

    EThe word salary comes from the Greek
    word for money


    A, B and D are true.
    Armadillos can also get leprosy
    Salary comes from the word salt

  • Question 2

    ACalifornium is a man made element

    BXerophthalmia is caused due to lack of Iodine

    COne out of every 20 people is born with an extra rib

    DToy story is the first feature film made entirely with computer animation

    ERingo Starr is the better known name of Ronald Bracky


    A, C and D are true.
    Xerophthalmia is caused due to Vitamin A deficiency.
    Richard Starkey is better known as Ringo Starr.

  • Question 3

    AA cows stomach has four compartments

    BErno Rubic invented the Rubix cube

    CDalmatians are born with spots

    DColours of the rings in the Olympic flag are
    blue, yellow, black, green & red

    EA group of kangaroos is called an army


    A, B and D are true.
    Dalmatians are born without spots
    Group of Kangaroos is called a mob

  • Question 4

    APterion is a point on the earth where longitudes meet equator

    BLead pencil contains graphite

    CWomen can vote and run for Municipal Election in Saudi Arabia

    DOWN stands for Oprah Winfrey Network

    EKingdom of Morocco is a constitutional Monarchy


    A, D and E are true.
    Pterion is a point on the human skull.
    There is a proposal for woman to start voting in the 2015
    Municipal Elections in Saudi Arabia.

  • Question 5

    APrognosis means the course and outcome
    of a disease

    BAn scalene triangle has all sides equal

    CMs Helle Thorning-Schmidt is the first woman
    Prime Minister of Denmark

    DAstigmatism, a condition of the eye is corrected
    by use of a concave lens

    EDialyzer is used in people with defective
    renal function


    A, C and E are true.
    Scalene triangle has all sides unequal
    Astigmatism is corrected with a cylindrical lens

  • Question 6

    AThe Guinness World Records was known as Guinness Book of Records until 2000

    BProphylaxis means preventive treatment against diseases

    CThe smallest prime integer is 1

    D2 British monarchs ruled the country in 1936

    EHotmail was founded in 1992


    A and B are true.
    2 is the smallest prime integer.
    3 British Monarchs ruled the country in 1936-King George V,
    King Edward VIII and King George VI.
    Hotmail was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith.

  • Question 7

    AAIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency

    BTetra Paks’ first product was yogurt

    CGold can be damaged by mercury

    DVAT stands for value added tax

    ECapital of India is Mumbai


    A, C and D are true.
    Tetra Paks’ first product was milk
    Capital of India is New Delhi

  • Question 8

    APakistan left the commonwealth in 1971 due to an Indo-Pak war

    BEldorado is an imaginary place ruled by the old

    CRing of fire is a group of active volcanoes found near the edge of Pacific Ocean

    DGreatest help the bee renders man is in making honey

    E Jonas Salk developed the first successful vaccine against Polio


    C and E are true.
    Pakistan left the commonwealth in 1971 due to recognition of Bangladesh.
    Eldorado is an imaginary place of immense wealth.
    Greatest help that bees render man is the cross pollination of certain crops.

  • Question 9

    ATomato is a fruit.

    BHumans have 32 permanent teeth.

    CDreamt is the only English word that ends in mt

    DKarl Marx wrote Good Earth.

    EPain is a protective response of the body


    Only d is false
    Karl Marx wrote Das Capital

  • Question 10

    AThe phrase “lock, stock and barrel” means completely

    BThe human heart never takes rest

    CPresidential Medal of Freedom is the highest civilian honour in the USA

    DSense of smell will be affected if the facial nerve is damaged

    EShirin Ebadi of Iran won the Nobel Prize for peace in 2002


    A, B and C are true.
    Sense of smell will be affected when the olfactory nerve is damaged.
    Shrin Ebadi won the Nobel Prize for peace in 2003.
    Jimmy Carter won it for the year 2002.

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