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The way to a healthy life is with a meaningful dream. As Dreams help build hope, Lush lends her support to those Dreams that she believes in.

  • Speed

    Perfection, Appreciation & Success still rank among the most chased wishes in the world. The ingredients that go into making these wishes come true seldom get its deserved attention!! As always it's only fair to attribute the cause for this to the many possible possibilities. But there ought to be that one secret ingredient in any mix that brings out the ultimate moment of greatness. Speed it is, in our quest for a dream well dreamt.

    Speed is multi dimensional -
    • It's not a virtue to own but a quality to induct.

    • It doesn't change your world but enhances your journey.

    • It's not a must have but certainly is a must try.

    • It doesn't offer solutions but it definitely makes solving better.

    Neither does speed induce hope nor does it promise recovery. Speed is an agent that essentially is a dream to own & an art to master. The complexity in speed is that it is self-driven with nothing technical to make it work. Speed is born out of situations or need. The greater your need or graver your situations, the quicker you will be at it. But speed is not just about conquering distances. It’s also in surviving such distances most effectively. Speed is not being quick but in being alert and ready. A universal help - speed lends power to indulge in many things at the same time. The need for speed is best seen in a shortage of time. The heroism in speed comes handy when time puts its brake on our lives & arrests our actions completely.

  • Speed

    Speed is not inherited but cultivated. The lessons for speed start with concentration and understanding like most things in life does. But the fun in knowing & mastering speed is in the process of trying. Speed does not originate in the mind or body. It comes from the act that requires the speed. The measure of speed is true only when the effort for the speed is sincere and optimum. Speed is not in the moment rather its one that takes birth as soon as a need arises and gets vanishes as soon as that need is accepted and understood. Speed doesn't guarantee victory & there is no promise for a better life. It is only a catalyst that makes you feel complete in your trial. Giving your best is a part of life and speed ensures that your best is taken forward the right way at the right time.

    The influence of speed on lives is not a mystery but the way it brings about that change is!! Speed revolves on three basic principles -
    • A requirement
    • deadline
    • skill
    Pushing for speed is not the smart solution always. Wait for speed to push you to do the job. The ideal space for speed to belong is reason. Without reason speed becomes directionless. Pick out your reason & the value of speed enhances your performance. There is nothing in life that can't be subjected to the thrills of speed: from our thoughts to our actions -speed runs it all. But it is not in speed that concludes results. Speed plays the role of a coordinator. It brings in factors to a place of comfort to be executed at the right time in the right way. Yet speed dictates many happenings & regulates many functions of living. The most important being responses.

  • Speed

    Perfection survives when done at the right time, success is valuable with right results and appreciation rests on quality. Speed binds time, result and quality with the inputs from awareness, alertness & understanding. The obvious gift from speed to mankind is "time". As speed bridges the gap in living we bask in the luxury of space & time. The hard work for speed is not in doing things quick but in executing things efficiently. Speed has a trusted colleague whose presence is more a compulsion than a convenience - "Reaction". The responses take speed to reach the doors of a need. It builds speed with the energy to take tests from all corners with a confidence that is tough to control.

    Speed is a treat to learn & a pleasure to try. But it is very important to also realize that in speed we have a vital tip to take note - "Speed is only a catalyst to control". As speed conquers a part of life it helps to monitor that speed doesn't make us run but it is we who make speed run for us.

    Treat speed the right way only at the right time. As with everything else, misusing speed ends just one way, in a loss!! Beware not to misuse speed ever for what speed otherwise has to offer is worth this care & comforts....

    Speed is a need - Learn it, Master it but don't Own it 'coz it ain't for owning!!

    Borrow speed & live with control - a dream come true it shall be :)


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