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Lush writes about those memories from her life that has left her richer in thoughts and wiser in experience.

  • Boycott

    There was a book that Andy, a colleague of mine gifted on my 23rd birthday. I wasn't exactly bookish but I was also not the kind who didn't read at all. I was impatient & found myself swaying more towards such magazines that weighed not more than a couple of ounce & those that fed me gossips, covered events & condensed news. But I knew I had got myself into trouble with this book. My colleague wasn't likely to stop with his gift but pursue me until I really did share my experiences with it.

    Goshhh.... How I wished I didn't have to please others in life!! Like most sulk at dislikes I sulked too at the sorry state of affairs that my life was in!!

    Excuses came voluntarily to me. They were more easier than denials. I was confident I could manage Andy if he did come to me about the book. Andy worked across my office. We discovered our friendship at the Candy Bar that we both frequented after lunch. Our similarities bore a resemblance like none else. It wasn't tough to strike a bonding with Andy after all the candies we licked our way out. Andy later joined us even at The Salad Slab, our regular lunch place.

  • Boycott

    It must have been 3 months since my B'day & Andy had either forgotten or forbidden himself to discuss about his gift. We met everyday and spoke about everything else but the book. I had erased the memory of the book as soon as it was dumped into my bookshelf that had nothing big to boast about than just the innumerable life style & Fashion magazines.

    Andy was a people's person and often spoke about how he could read the other's mind. I didn't think much of his skills until he came up with a stunner!! My friend Cyntia was going to dump her boyfriend of 3 years that evening & she was more restless than restless could ever be. But none of us spotted her restless until Andy caught her in the mood of discomfort. He was quick to reveal that her reasons were connected to her love life. This was enough for the few of us to celebrate Andy's unique ability. Some called it a form of Art while the rest confirmed it as a method of Science. But the best conclusion came from Andy himself!! "Its just intuition" he said. A mind that relates to others state of being was a blessed one & Andy considered himself blessed. He explained the amount of sensitivity that was necessary to pull something as vital as this.

  • Boycott

    There was silence for a while at Andy's theory. But a few however refused to accept all that Andy had to share with us. They needed more proof to accept and validate Andy's skill. The able never let go of their opportunities & to Andy time was perfect to prove his point. As he stared at each one of us to pronounce his observations on our thoughts, most of us tried to look away from his eyes fearing to be his object of proof. Those who accepted his prowess stood behind him encouraging him at his endeavor than be subjected to his mind scan. They didn't wish to be at the receiving end of a revelation that Andy was to come up with.

    I didn't suspect Andy's brilliance but I was too sensitive to boycott in fear. As Andy read our minds each of us who were seated, as the symbol of his specimen, grew restless as time ticked away. At the end of his section Andy requested one of us to come forward to be the scapegoat for his show of excellence. There was not a soul to come forward for Andy & the sensitive me felt bad for the cold response.

    "I will be the tool to expose your talent”, I said, raising my hands in air as a show of acceptance. Andy smiled as he started mesmerizing us with his intuition and much more!!!

  • Boycott

    "You are going through guilt of two kinds right now - both of which ought to concern me." he addressed the gang. Was I not stunned at his observation skill?? I didn't have to think more on this when he came out with the two kinds of Guilt -"Guys, Lush is in the mood to Boycott. She wishes to boycott my findings just as she has been boycotting my birthday gift until now. She seems stressed that her idea to boycott both would fall short of my expectations". But honestly the concept of Andy's mind reading didn't take up as much importance as the understanding to boycott.

    I did feel like a fool to reward the Boycott title to myself but I also did feel the need to stop being who I was. So what if I wasn't the kind to read, so what if books were not my cup of tea!! I had to be more sensitive towards others contributions to my being.

    To boycott was not to remain an option anymore - Not in actions or in mind. Andy's lesson to me was simply deserving. I learnt to accept that what we wish to hide never gets hidden & what we wish to expose sometimes gets lost.

    Don't boycott anything that requires a touch of understanding.

  • Boycott

    That evening the first thing I did when I went back home was to tear open Andy's wrappers & have a glimpse of what I had missed out on with my Boycott.

    I also did learn that as long as you have nothing to hide there never is anything to expose. Thus I learnt the truth of being caring & candid to avoid boycotting ever!!

    Andy: "Sorry I had to be the link to Boycott in your life. But I do promise to never reach where I do have to Boycott the unfair"

    "Boycott People: - But only when that which you block or boycott is not worth your time & energy"


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