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Insisting that the best way to liberate & learn from life is with a strong sense of Confession, invaluable lessons of confidence & guts find its calling here.

  • Tough Right

    Tennis means a lot to me. To call it just a passion is an understatement!! Tennis is more than passion & one of the reasons for my being. There are no hot favorites for me in Tennis & I don't love tennis 'coz I love the legends in the game. I love Tennis for a reason that's remained a secret in me for years.... A secret that I wish to share today for its sheer complexities.

    I was introduced to the game of Tennis at the young age of 8.My coach was the lean & fit Miss.Glims. Miss Glims was not exactly the best coach to train under. She was mean & rude. She would punish at the drop of a serve & in every unforced error. It was out of pressure from my father that I had enrolled myself into The Tennis Academy. As I struggled between Tennis & Miss Glims I developed a deep hatred to the game of tennis that was going to be tough to set right. I wanted to get rid of my time with Miss.Glims & Tennis, both of which were not to become a reality. Force put me in a spot to be either the best or suffer the worst. I chose to battle out my serves & forehands instead of being a subject of Miss.Glim's perfect aces onto our faces.

    Picking up the game was an effort that came with mental & physical exhaustion. I didn't get the choices to pull myself out of this mess. Falling out of my father’s expectations was never a choice to me. Thus the 5 years of training under Miss.Glims came to an end with her resignation from the Academy. She was going to move to Canada & we were to get our new coach soon. The news was a celebration of sorts to many like me. Miss.Glims never changed her attitude in the 5 years I knew her & I had only prayers for all those poor kids in Canada who I thought could be her next set of victims.

    But sometimes life can be funny even in a tragedy, like mine. My next coach Mr.Checman was not just slimmer than the slim Glims but also more atrocious & merciless. He made us sweat for every ball & got us drained of all our energy. It was not out of desperation but out of honesty that everyone at the academy now spoke so fondly of Miss.Glims & her mild ways of tackling us.

  • Tough Right

    With one mans entry into our lives, our understanding had been through an overhaul. What once used to be tough wasn't anymore, what felt mean then felt mild now & what meant punishment seemed like training. There was this sudden rush to change opinions & conclusions. What was wrong then was now right. There was even a secret wish to get Miss.Glims back. Phew!! What small thoughts!!

    If you thought this was the end to the confessions then it isn't. My story gathers its momentum here. Mr.Checman was brutal in getting us fit & ready for tournaments. He made us do things what most don't even do to their foes. He showed no respect to the fellow being that we were & treated us more like refugees than citizens. None wished to be in his bad books or they feared his severity in punishments. Tennis had become a pain & liability. My father was unaware of my misery at the academy. I was a strong child & would have never taken my worries back home.

    This was to be my fate for the next 3 years until I was selected to play for the university. I was the best bet they could have & Mr.Checman volunteered to be my personal coach. My fear of having to tolerate him drove me to choose my university coach as my personal coach leaving behind Mr.Checman. Dad did wonder like the many others of my motive but I had had enough. The fun in tragedy was just round the corner.

    The following two years at the university was the worst in my tennis career & personal life. My coach was a sweet heart who couldn't get her to disagree with my wishes. She let me do what I felt was right & only interfered when I used to seek her opinion. She was the best coach anyone could have had until I started my stint of losing every match I played. It took many months for me to pin on my error in judging coaches. What to me was good wasn't the good. I had cribbed for rest & regard while what was necessary in a good coach was durability & toughness. I had misread Miss.Glims & Mr.Checman & their intentions. Maybe they weren't as bad as they seemed. May be there were just being mean to make us better. It was a lesson & I had learnt mine well.

  • Tough Right

    I wasn't going to keep mum for long & let go off something I had worked on since all this while. I had a regular father - daughter chat with dad & convinced him to talk to Mr.Checman. My father did such requests good justice & Mr.Checman was soon my official coach. I don't know if it was the shock of my denial or just my plight that made Mr.Checman milder but I could still see his hunger to prove my worth in the Tennis circuits more than me. We fought it out like a team & won laurels not just for the University but also to the Academy. It’s another story that I let go off tennis 'coz of an injury but my passion for tennis gained momentum with my second stint of playing the good disciple to my coach. I still consider his toughness to be my strength & his brutality my power. We were quite a team then & I often joke with him about those tough & traumatic days now.

    The time & manner in which I realized the importance in the need to be what you should be, left me with confessions to share loud -

    • "Never decide on the good and bad with what you see of things but wait until you can feel what you have got out of it
    • Most good in life have a wrong beginning. Survive your beginnings & last for a life
    • Being tough & mean needn't necessarily be evils, it could be your ticket to laurels & victory if taken in the right spirit"

    Its not preaching that I wish to share here, its the stupidity & ignorance I sported to understand the truth that shines as my confession.

    Don't worry at the tough just learn to wither the storm - You can do it then!!

    Remember that sometimes Tough does become the Right!!!


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