Candies - I Will, I Can & I Should

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The vital stats to being the smart woman in mind & body is reflected in Candies as Lush shares what she feels shall seal the deal.

  • Candies - I Will, I Can & I Should

    "I” should always be a pleasure and never a burden. The power in "I" rests nowhere else but within. There is a certain level of understanding that "I" commands & it becomes impossible to be anywhere or anyone without first being "I". The true meaning in being you originates with the acceptance of "I". Many relate "I" to be selfishness. But beyond all this misunderstanding rests the most important lesson for every woman - The relevance of "I".

    They say charity begins at home. When this has been a fact well established, it takes no excuses to familiarize with the thought of being "I". "I" is a magical word that shows its hold over the world around. As much as you like it, "I" gives you more than what you deserve. It's not a myth that caring for one should always come before caring for others. The fact that comes to life with such a thought is simple - As long as it takes for you to accept who you are, there belongs no value to your life & such acceptance only follows when you realize the relevance of "I" in who you really are....

  • Candies - I Will, I Can & I Should

    Without discovering who you are, there is nothing around you. The word "I" doesn't act as a point of reference in your life but it takes the role of being the reason for all preferences. To learn the act of respecting & rejoicing the presence of "I" you need to do very little. But those that have to be done got to be done with utmost sincerity & devotion. A woman is always giving. She carries more than what you think she does. The joy in living the life of a woman doesn't come with her sacrifices or adjustments but with her skills of understanding & accepting. A woman always sees more than she should & says less than she can. Control comes without effort & convincing with reasons. The essence of a woman is in the power to say "I" CAN , I WILL & I SHOULD.

    Believing in your strengths can not be arrogance, wishing to take responsibility is not over confidence & being able to handle pressure cannot be achievement. "I" traces the path of every woman to the truth called self & with self comes quality & quantity.

    "I" is best in use with a suffix. Thus in Candies we try & return to the roots of what a woman's most vital "I Will”, "I CAN" & "I SHOULD " are....

  • Candies - I Will, I Can & I Should

    "I WILL"

    • I will treat my life the way I can and not always the way I should.

    • I will try to understand the reason in everything before doing anything.

    • I will not try to lose the meaning of being strong in boldness or being right in goodness.

    • I will look after my needs as much as I can but will look after the needs of others as much as I should.

    • I will not give up until I stop desiring and I will not stop desiring as long as I can keep trying

    • I will look after my thoughts and actions as much as I look after my body & mind.

    • I will listen to anyone and try to understand everyone but I will still remain who I am.

  • Candies - I Will, I Can & I Should

    "I CAN"

    • I can do anything but I will only do what I need to.

    • I can be smart, sensible or sensitive but I will always remain right.

    • I can be used or reused but I still shouldn't be refused.

    • I can accept & then agree but I cannot agree to accept later.

    • I can live my life happily yet not stop wishing for more.

    • I can think for others as long as I know there are others to think for me.

    • I can see the distance before any travel & I shall always keep this in mind.

  • Candies - I Will, I Can & I Should

    "I SHOULD"

    • I should learn to check before I act.

    • I should never give up but only give in.

    • I should live for myself, remain for others & respect all.

    • I should never Pity or Sympathize rather Care or Act.

    • I should not be desperate. I should be definite.

    • I should not forget but only remember what needs to be remembered.

    • I should know myself more than the others know me - whoever that is!!!

  • Candies - I Will, I Can & I Should

    If this doesn't speak for the potential in "I" nothing else shall. Be the one to take all that's given to you & enjoy all that's made for you.

    Be who you are & live how you can yet remain what you should. "I" will certainly give you the drive to derive always with these...

    Do the "I's" before you do anything else :)

    I certainly will!!


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