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Solutions come with a lot of care in Fuzz Buzz where it not just the solution that shines but also the ways to that solution.

  • Control

    Control we all know is an absolute requisite. At work space it's exclusivity elevates to the pinnacle position. I've always been between control freaks. Though I don't quiet relate to its significance I was convinced otherwise with this. Certain realizations happen a little late but the feeling that "Better Late Than Never" makes it all worth. My awakening to the urgency in control was one such act after a much-delayed start.

    Work to me had taken the space of satisfaction. Control according to me was offensive & use of force. Neither of these took to my acceptance. I liked to go easy on others & myself. Not the one to propagate targets or a sales pitch to sell at all times, I trusted that a good product or service would eventually find its calling. Hard work & a good plan sufficed.

    A lot of times things don't work the way you want them to. Work takes instructions from none & follows its own course of completion. My experiences fell short of accepting the critical place that Control had in each one's life. An afternoon spent with my mentor over a cup of coffee did turn around my assumptions.

  • Control

    My mentor has been that person I have been most influenced by. It was surprising to many that my mentor was 4 years younger & jobless. He earned a meager something & spent more time reading than working. My whole brood coaxed me often to let go of my appreciation for one such individual who didn't have the character to remain stable. But I knew him as someone who thinks & does things very distinctly. His words worked perfectly at the most toughest situations & they never let me down. If he was recluse it was only because none else wanted to reach out to the person he was. After a read on my awakening to Control & its clauses I am hoping to expose the genius he is to atleast a few like me...

    Control has been celebrated more as the offensive & dominating emotion. Its use has been hijacked to the negative aspects in most situations. Control, unceasingly has meant to be a sort of sacrifice from within until pushed on to the others as a sense of authority over them. It took me by surprise at the way my mentor viewed control & its methods to put it to an optimum use!! His thoughts in my words....

  • Control

    Control Concepts: -

    • Control is not "curbing" but "definite managing".

    • Control recommends a solution to any issue

    • Control emerges a winner only when it is desired and not enforced

    • Control meets conspiracy in evil intentions

    • Control is better served with will power & motive

    • Control demands some result. Without result control becomes meaningless

    • Control is an offshoot of good discipline & practice

    • Control is universal but its reach - very specific

    • Control is not a game but a calculation that works for a reason and fails when without one

    • Control breaks the roots to give up & contemplates the power to pursue

  • Control

    Control Clauses: -

    • Don't control what you don't know

    • Always Control only with a purpose

    • Control your actions and others reactions. Never try to reverse the order

    • Don't master control or it wouldn't remain control any more

    • Control control. Don't let control control you

    • Control is less about saying no and more about saying not this/Not now

    • Control is simple to rule just keep following it

    • Control loses value when driven in Manipulation, Malice or Misery

    • Use control as often as you want. But beware its not without a direction

    • Control can be a happy experience when you start using it for the pleasure of correction and not the pain in sacrifice

  • Control

    It’s been tough to control. But my mentor urged me to try the act of controlling for all the right reasons. He was sure I would find my pattern to control.

    Control is a vital part to remain aware. A keen player in the longevity of decision-making, control leads you to a space where the sync is between your mind & only your mind. Control always begins with the mind & ends with thoughts. The rule to control out lives all shortcomings and survives with the presence of desire.

    Nothing is beyond control & nothing should always be under control. Space out the freedom in controlling & exercise your right to control in a need & cause. It can never burden you when the control is self induced & approved.

    Don't run away from Control; make it a Friend for life whose value is well taken. Control is a pleasure as long as you know why, when & for what you need it.

    Start the control over control right away.... I sure am gonna relish the try!!


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