Doctrines of Fame

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Preaching is mostly boring. But Hush makes preaching seem a game of skill & understanding as he puts forward Doctrines that shall weave a lot of challenge to try & be.

  • Doctrine of Fame

    Fame is not a game. Contradicting slightly from the usual definition of fame, I see it more as a welcome burden than just glory or prestige. A burden that we crave to carry & battle to own. Fame is the weight of something that you have interfered with. I refer fame as some fashion prop that lasts as long as it is well handled. Manipulative & highly volatile, Fame disrupts many a things around us. Though loved and desired by all, the space it demands is imposing & equal to none.

    Fame does have its cool side intact in those odd vacuums. The dependence on Fame becomes a fixation with a taste of fame & its intriguing effects. I compare it with ecstasy where You can't define these emotions but follow their impact without any questions. These are the very same feelings that lead you to destruction if conducted loosely.

    Doctrines of Fame are not a read of the ill in Fame. I don't like to infer judgments on life. I was told to let things take its own course... My intention with these doctrines is merely to discuss something that should stir up your thoughts!

  • Doctrine of Fame

    My take on Doctrines of Fame -

    • Fame never comes to you, it's always you who reaches out to fame

    • Fame follows not all ,but those it does it follows until it becomes a chase

    • Fame over takes your achievements at some point in time

    • Fame will always be a dream - A dream until you have it & a dream even after you possess it

    • Fame gives you an opportunity to experience emotions. If you can't relate to it, it becomes a disaster

    • You can't control fame, it always controls you

    • The reach of fame has no restriction while the reach of restriction is limited in fame

    • Fame demands a space, commands a person & stands on a perception

    • The more you become famous, the less your fame fights for survival

    • Fame is a tunnel that leads you to nowhere else but yourself

  • Doctrine of Fame

    My take on Doctrines of Fame -

    • Fame captures the truth in desire at all times

    • Fame is always welcome but only until you can handle it

    • Fame runs with anyone who has the mind to perceive & accept it

    • Don't bring fame home or your home shall not bring you fame

    • Fame is a state of well-being as long as your well-being is not just a state to be

    • You can't chase fame, it always catches up

    • Fame doesn't come with choice, it comes with conditions

    • Fame can change you - beware , care & be aware of its hold

    • Everyone has their moment of fame - if not today then tomorrow

    • Fame is best ignored when it becomes a part of you so it doesn't control you & fame is best desired when you don't have it so you know nothing is within your control

  • Doctrine of Fame

    Fame remains an enigma to all with its power to seduce and reduce your hold on life. There is very little to gain when fame is in you & very little to lose when fame is distant. The right ways to look at fame is with caution & curiosity. Getting fame is easier than living with it. Fame doesn't bring you the name, it’s always your name that should bring you fame. What becomes an undeniable part of fame is its force. Fame shows the ways to greed, arrogance & overconfidence!! This one small secret I guess should keep it all under control: "Think of fame only as a part of your life and not your life itself".

    Fame can be hard earned with lot of hardships. Such fame sticks longer but then it does catch up as fame tames you to comfort & convenience. Stay alert & tame your fame to remain sane.


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