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At Cross Roads what the world is and can be is described with the emphasis glaring on reality & awareness.

  • Change

    Change does the world good!! Change it is that brings in the aspect of variety. There is a demand for change in everything we do. Change has become more a habit than anything else. The value of change in life is beyond comparisons. An indispensable reason for progress & prosperity, change does take the highest honors in the course of life. There are many ways to look at change & its influences on us. I am not a man of chance & I’ve never been. I always take things seriously. But change is inevitable to all. It leaves a trace on each of our lives at some point or the other. At cross roads this fortnight, I wish to take up the few experiences of mine that changed my perceptions on Change!!

    Change - The Solution

    Work suffered at the hands of competition in my early days of setting up my own Advertising Company. We were a bunch of relatively inexperienced yet confidently skilled group of people. Our liabilities however showed us in at many opportunities. Not being able to capture the place we had to in the vast area of work, it was high intensity worry time with the job. Everyone had suggestions but nobody knew the exact reason to reform our position. Projects slipped out as if we had butter in our palms. Tough talk or brainstorming sessions in the boardroom - nothing seemed to work for us. Almost at the brim of giving up the fight to succeed, there was someone who helped us with a simple tip to crossover to the good times. Still considered one of the most valuable advices of my life, it came from none other than my closest friend & the love of my life, my wife - Lush!!

  • Change

    At bed one night, Lush had these words for a dejected me & the rest as they say is history. "Sometimes solutions don't come on its own. Why not think of making change your solution? Start working with no restrictions. Be flexible & ready for change at all times. Commit nothing more than change to each deal. Be ready to move, shake or experiment. Send out signals to show that you are dynamic at the very core. Make change your regular solution & promote yourself & your workforce as a group that swears by change to reach the solutions. I am sure you will ring a bell where you ought to!!"

    We did ring that bell with all the work that followed & are now a well-respected ad agency. But it wasn't as if what Lush had said was unknown to the others or me. It was also not that we hadn't tried enough, but change as the very focus of all solutions was not a route we had caught on. To later think of its impact, I would always agree that change has to be the surprise in solutions as solving loses its luster being rigid.

    Change - The Hope

    My car was growing older by the day. Though immensely proud of its looks & performance I was realizing the need to start maintaining it more & using it less. Between Lush & me we have the luxury of 3 cars to choose from. But my oldest & weakest beamer MAX was my most favorite. Not the one to accept defeat without a fight I made Max takes the pressure of all my desires. I was hurting him with an over exposed use. Little did I realize that all things must come to a halt at some point in time. Retirement was also a part of things good & loved.

    Pop had stopped over for the weekend & urged me to stop burdening MAX. "He would start hating you", pop said. "Try giving him his rest & start loving the others. Change your choices with the hope for the better."

  • Change

    Simple & Straightforward - Pop's theory. This too was not unknown. It was rather too simple. Yet when one gets stuck with problems the reasons to see beyond it always comes from those around you. Pop had convinced me to change for the better, as it would spring in me the hope to start a new love. This meant no offence to MAX, it only pointed out to me that when you start seeing change as a way to hope for more things you would attempt changes more often than you ever did before.

    The lesson that change brings in hope suits best to all & is easy to imbibe. Take change to be the route to hope & not stay away from it for the comfort of being familiar with what you already have. Change certainly brings in risk but then the power of hope shall put to rest all your fears!!

    Change - The Option

    With change for a friend, nothing is over & done. Change controls options. If you believe that change is a part of life then options never stop pouring in.

    A simple incident got me to understand this - I was stuck at JFK Airport for more than 8 hours on a Christmas Eve. Heavy snow had shut down all operations & cut us off from the outside world. Flights were cancelled & taking the road was not such a good alternative. There was wide spread sulking & extreme disappointments. Our fate seemed sealed. Christmas was going to be away from Lush & my boys. As we shared our sob stories with each other at the Lounge in the Airport, I over heard a mother talk to her son - "It's only for a while more Bret!! The weather doesn't remain the same forever. Keep you hopes alive, it will stop snowing soon. Don't be too sad about it. Try & be happy that change will bring with it options. Every change comes with the power to choose. When we have the options we shall also have a way out. So keep looking out for options, as change is never far off. Don't decide its over before it even begins."

  • Change

    I always knew I had options but to look out for options in change made things interesting. With every change comes options and with every option life gets more exciting. Change reconfirms that options are but a part of life just as change is. Take it whenever you need it.

    Change - The Reason

    To perceive change as the reason for most things is quiet right. The world, its doings & happenings throws enough light into the fact that it is change that is the reason in most things. Be it a simple change in our wants or the more complex changes in the way governments function. Whatever that is, the fundamental reason for everything is a need to change. Change asserts the importance of advancement & correction in the way things are now carried out. The world rests on the hope and options that come with change. Change determines the variety in pursuing the right choices and wishes for a turn around in living.

    The reason that comes with every change is the awakening of the need for that change - Make the change & see the reason!!

    Change thus doesn't stop at anything. It is the most useful tool as of today for anyone & everything to hold on to. There is so much to get from change without letting go of anything.

    Treat change as the stepping-stone to renewed living & enjoy the infinite goodies it comes along with!!

    Change it is that works wonders in the ways of life keeping everything open & nothing closed

    Lets give Change a try...


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