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  • Origin


    Three brains with a willingness to attempt to build something that was fun to use & handy to life.

  • Roots

    What was missing in the Internet world - ??

    • Social Networking {No} - There are Mighty players all over
    • Games & Game Zones {Of course not} - High on availability around
    • Community Forums {Can't be} - Plenty to browse through everywhere

    What then could this be that was searched for....????

  • Eureka


    Just another day with the usual thoughts but a unique concept was born ....

    If there were Social networks, Community forums & Game Zones why not converge these with A Little More & all under "One Place" to revel - The One Place where you can Think,Talk & Tackle !!

    But What could "A Little More" be?

    Debates & Discussions was the order of the day & the search for the mission began ...The search for the Arms of RushTalk

    There was an urge to create the One Place where everyone could Rush to Talk & thus born was "RushTalk".

    The list of "A Little More" gained clarity with the huge blend of entertainment segments that grabbed the attention and plotted to suit the demands of the current world.

  • Christening

    The reasons & results of the Arms of RushTalk & A Little More.

    • We wanted to Serve Emotions as the facts of Life & coined Bubble
    • We wished to Showcase the Variety in the world around us & Addictions was conceived
    • We desired to Tease your Skill & Knowledge with fun & jolly & Workshop was crafted
    • We dreamt of offering you the Space to Know & Update the world around you & PitStop was constructed
    • We ached to Gift Competence & LAB was constituted
    • We craved for a space to Connect & Communicate & PAD was scripted
    • We expected to Encourage Expressing & BillBoard was enforced
  • Climax


    Six months, a skilled group of technicians & a creative team made the evolution of RushTalk a fact. But there was more to RushTalk than just its creation.

    The secret is acceptance !! RushTalk appreciates acceptance & approval from the unique & exclusive souls who understand the purpose & utility of its genesis.

    The end of the story board from RushTalk has a "Happy Ever After" touch to it for it trusts the product designed exclusively for the users to experience & experiment with.

    RushTalk has a story that its proud of & happy to share - Do be a part of us if you trust us to make your world more complete....


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