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  • Question 1

    1He was a British author, mathematician, Anglican clergyman, and amateur photographer

    2His works are examples of the genre of literary nonsense

    3He was deaf in one ear since a child

    4He had a stammer he acquired in early childhood which plagued him throughout his life

    5He has written many books on mathematics in his real name


    of the famous Alice in wonderland.

  • Question 2

    1This lady changed the way fashion was seen in the twentieth century

    2She worked as a singer and milliner before starting a fashion label & perfume house.

    3She broke the norms of fashion and introduced designs which were mannish for those times.

    4She was rumoured to have Nazi connection during the World War II

    5She designed stage and film costumes too.


    founder of the fashion house Chanel

  • Question 3

    1She was the last pharaoh of Egypt and the last ruler of the Ptolemaic dynasty

    2There have been dramatisations of her story in literature

    3She was famed for her beauty

    4This was said of her “If her nose was any shorter, the whole face of the world would have changed.”

    5She is said to have killed herself by getting a cobra to bite her


    last Pharaoh of Egypt

  • Question 4

    1Born in an aristocratic family, he later emerged as a statesman and great political leader

    2He qualified as a barrister and authored many books

    3He was one of the Founders of the Non Aligned Movement

    4His daughter went on to being a very charismatic political leader

    5He worked by the concept of socialism and worked to reduce global tensions and the threat of nuclear weapons


    JAWAHARLAL NEHRU the first Prime Minister
    of Independent India

  • Question 5

    1She was named as a biblical character

    2She was born onto poverty and looked after by her grandmother

    3She was known as the Preacher in her childhood due to her ability to recite biblical verses

    4She started her career as a young radio host

    5She was named the richest African American of the 20 century


    OPRAH WINFREY, American television host
    and producer

  • Question 6

    1Celebrated architect, inventor, painter, musician, engineer, sculptor, scientist and considered a universal genius

    2Very well known for his masterly paintings

    3Was born an illegitimate child and was a vegetarian throughout his life

    4He was an anatomist and drew many pictures of the human body, the muscles and human skeletal parts

    5He lived till the age of 67


    LEONARDO DA VINCI renaissance painter

  • Question 7

    1He lived most of his life in France

    2He earned fame and fortune as a painter

    3He showed great skill for drawing at an early age and the first word he uttered was the Spanish word for pencil

    4He died while he entertained friends at dinner

    5His last words were “Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can’t drink anymore”


    PABLO PICASSO, the Spanish painter who
    co-founded the cubist movement

  • Question 8

    1This superhero first appeared in Amazing Fantasy

    2He has super strength and agility and is a costumed crime fighter

    3“With great power there must also come great responsibility”- a line included in a text box in his first story

    4His character developed from a shy high school boy to an outgoing college student, to a married High school teacher to a single freelance photographer

    5He weaves a web of fantasy


    SPIDERMAN, the fictional Marvel
    comics superhero

  • Question 9

    1Former World No 1 Tennis player

    2During his brief 8 year career won 11 Grand slam singles titles

    3He was one of the youngest people to represent his country in Davis Cup

    4He played in six consecutive Wimbledon finals

    5After his sports career, he launched a fashion label


    PLATO, the Greek philosopher, student of
    Socrates and teacher to Aristotle

  • Question 10

    1This singer was a culture icon of the world

    2He had a twin brother who died at birth

    3He is the best selling solo artist in the history of popular music

    4He was nominated for 14 Grammys, won 4 and received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement award at age 36

    5His death was sudden and unexpected


    ELVIS PRESLEY, the King of Rock and Roll

  • Question 11

    1She was a mathematician and a pioneer computer scientist

    2She was the daughter of an English poet who called her “The Princess of Parallelograms”

    3She signed her mathematical papers with her initials as in her days it was unseemly for a noblewoman to take credit for such works

    4She predicted the possibility of “computerised music” as music was mathematical and adaptable to be composed by a machine

    5She was the first person to describe what is now known as a computer program


    ADA LOVELACE, Daughter of poet Lord George Byron
    whose work on mathematical computations was too
    far advanced of her times

  • Question 12

    1He was a business mogul who revolutionized the petroleum industry and determined the structure of modern philanthropy

    2He founded two universities and supported many church based institutions.

    3He abstained from alcohol and tobacco all his life

    4He has an asteroid named in his honour

    5He is regarded as the richest person in history


    JOHN D ROCKEFELLAR, American Oil Magnate & philanthropist
    who founded the Standard Oil Company

  • Question 13

    1This young woman claimed that she was the messenger of God

    2She turned the tide of a war in her country’s favour

    3She was ennobled for what she did for her country

    4She was captured, tried and judged guilty and burnt at the stake

    5Today she is honoured as the patron saint of France


    JOAN OF ARC, Maid of Orleans who was
    canonized by Pope Benedict XV

  • Question 14

    1She adopted the stage name which meant “Sun”

    2She studied to be a Kindergarten teacher

    3However, she worked as a circus horse rider, an artist’s model and exotic dancer

    4She was the subject of many sensational films and books

    5Although probably innocent, she was executed by the firing squad for espionage for Germany in World War I


    MATA HARI or Margaretha Geertruida “Grietje” Zelle, the
    Dutch exotic courtesan and dancer

  • Question 15

    1She was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, but is known widely by another name

    2She is left handed and started to play the piano at age four

    3She wrote a piano ballad at thirteen and started performing by age fourteen

    4She took a name inspired from a song of a former band

    5She is among the best selling music artists worldwide and has many awards to her credit


    LADY GAGA, American singer
    and songwriter

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