Workshop - Glossary

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Games Hub or Play Zone, Workshop is a test to your skills as it pours out thrills of all kinds.

Word Mesh
A word game that makes you smile as you conquer the world of words
Where you personality is bared and dared as you find the you, you always knew or just found out.
Odd Ball
Find the odd one out from the group with your knowledge & patience
Guess What
A guessing game where our clues lead you to those things that you are most familiar with ...Just Guess What it is
Which place is this place
Explore the exotic places we have put together for you to reveal
Lie Detector
In this game of lies, play the detective as you expose the lies we have crafted with a lot of mischief
Quiz Buzz
Examine your knowledge as we play the quiz master
Word World
It’s a play of words and tests your power with words that makes up your world
Are you Game
We force you to find your liking in this self-assessment game of relating to the true person you are
Guess Who
Have you followed people & their lives, if you have play Guess Who where you nail the personality we are trying to explain. If you are someone who hasn't paid attention to others, it’s time now. Sit up & play Guess Who to know more
Logic Teasers
A challenge to the skill of solving the complex, Logic Teasers is about applying your intelligence & smartness. Try it & gauge your logical thinking
Know Your Gadget
Know about gadgets in this game as some funny yet serious inventions rock your life
Myth or Fact
Shoot down the myth as you realize what the fact is in this entertaining spot of fun
Match the Catch
Go back to school as you match the catch we got for you. It’s tricky & tempting

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