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A journal of thoughts from "Hush & Lush" the two characters created exclusively for RushTalk who will urge the users to think about life & living

Hush & Lush
As the husband & wife duo who are much in love & the best of friends they bare their life to the users for some fun & lots of truth.
Lush spills her past with a heavy dose of love & sentiments
The tidbits of every girl’s aspirations & focus
A mix of humor and reality buried in circumstances that couldn't be more true
Pillar of future & an essay for the stability and hope in living for everyone in Lush's own style of emphasis
Hush pumps a lot of truth with this touching & honest rendering of his life's most precious lessons
Rules to living without complications is the highlight of laying down doctrines where it’s all about how you live your life
Cross Roads
The current issues that rock the world is dealt with in a fashion thats Hush's uniqueness
Fuzz Buzz
Work & work place take center stage at Fuzz Buzz where Hush spares nothing to make working a pleasurable experience
Land Of Letters
Some of the most unusual letters ever written find a place in Bubble which makes emotions more valuable & thoughts so divine
At Recipes a mix of the rich & healthy virtues are offered with a touch of wit & wisdom to grow & flourish in Life
Thoughts, actions & feelings solved as Formulas that makes solving more fun.

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