Addictions - Glossary

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Facts, trivia & news that makes you happy, aware & intelligent presented from the vast spread of events in history. Addictions are an addition to your knowledge bank.

Riddles that make you think hard but brings in a smile when known
World Shockers
Events that shook the world or changed the course of action is listed down for you
Amazing Facts
There are facts of all kinds. At Amazing Facts it’s time to feel amused and amazed at the collection we have for you
List of Useless
As important as the useful are the useless. We didn't ignore the useless facts that could release your tension or take away the stress with our count of the useless
Tales of origin
Everything has a beginning and we trace the origin of a few things we found interesting. It’s a tale with the origin
Pranks bring to life many things. We discuss the variety of pranks that are of use and not
Jokes make every life complete. Read the jokes at RushTalk & laugh as much as you can
Inventions and inventors deserve a mention for the world we live in. We list these at Eureka so you can go further to explore them more

Incredible Facts
Facts that are incredible are so because you didn't expect these to happen. But they did. We let you have glimpses of the unimportant or important facts that are truly incredible
Tricky Tricks
Its trick time .Try out a few tricks or experience the tricks that other have for you from our fare
Curious Customs
Customs and traditions are part of every culture. A few customs that raise your eyebrows are discussed with a customized curiosity
Irrational fears about odd things and offbeat situations are listed for your awareness and understanding

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