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What’s RushTalk???

RushTalk is "The One Place" in your internet world...It’s the One Stop Place to extract Emotions, have Fun & gather Knowledge!!

  • Connect with your world using PAD, the social networking platform from RushTalk
  • Discuss & Debate with Billboard, the community forum for all needs & actions
  • Read lines that reflect true situations of life in Bubble, the journal of thoughts
  • Play & win the contest of your senses in Workshop, the Entertainment quarry
  • Find out facts, enjoy Trivia & have a laugh in Addictions, the Fun & Fact zone
  • Experiment with your Knowledge in LAB, the Quiz Pool
  • Update, Upload & Understand the world around & the hot Happenings in Pitstop, the window to News, Current affairs & more

Why is it the new EMONET??

As you indulge in some social networking, RushTalk offers you the place to do so with a play of emotions. You are encouraged to think, forced to express, urged to laugh, directed to use or convinced to learn..

RushTalk as the EMONET lets you retain your emotions while being social...

Where does it fit into your life?

It could be your trusting friend, your alter conscience, your live mind, your social link, a wheel of facts, the modus operandi to your smiles & the laughter or anchor of your thoughts. It could be each of these or any of them.

Whatever it be, RushTalk is “A Little More” than all of these. You would find something in anything at RushTalk.



RushTalk is for all who don't mind being simple yet are different.
Are you the one who likes to think, who revels in talking & who's bold to tell?

If you are then this is just the right place for you. You belong to RushTalk & in RushTalk!!
Remember RushTalk is always "A Little More" :)


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